I'm so super thankful for last year. Many great things happend to me work related and personal! I'm also very grateful for you who follow me closely, love to see my projects and keep coming back! BIG THANKS to you, so what better way to reward you with a sweet christmassy illustration, so we are happy together :-)
(This years christmas/NY-card!)

Have A Picture Perfect Year!


I've got some previews for you from the illustrations I've made for Bliss Magazine #3. A magazine by the fabulous Hanke Arkenbout. Hanke creates Bliss with great passion for photography (she is a great photographer herself) and design. Bliss is a magazine filled with stunning photography and their makers from all over the world. For this issue I was asked to do a couple of illustrations for the magazine. There is even a 2 page interview with 'The Illustrator' (that would be me) ;-)

Below you can a see a sneak peek of the magazine (92 pages long ohmy!) including the pages with my illustrations. The magazine turned out so gorgeous, it really is a true experience. If you enjoy design and photography it is WORTH to buy yourself a copy. Click here to order Bliss issue 3 in digital and print.
Still waiting for my copy because it has to come from overseas! :) As soon as I have the thing in hands I will post some pictures.

Want to see the full illustrations in their glorious detail? Buy Bliss or go to my facebook fanpage and like, like like!


Did I show you the flying Gibra-doorsticker I made for Villa Zebra? Gibra's are Villa Zebra's mascottes. 
You can watch these flying Gibra's at the entrance of Villa Zibra! 

Today is the opening of the new exhibition 'Ah, wat lief!' ('Ah, that's cute!') about the connection between animals and humans.

Happy Animal Day!


I'm saying 'hi!' to all my new followers on the Teken-ing :: Illustration & Design facebookpage and of course my blog. So happy to meet you here, hope you all like the page!

To get a little impression of what I do on a daily base and to see how and where I work, the great photgrapher Hanke Arkenbout from Hanke Arkenbout Photography, made a photo series about me, my home and my workplace! The day was so much fun and the pictures turned out to be so great. You can check the whole series out on her website here
In the photo's there is even a little sneakpreview of one of the illustrations I'm working on right now for Bliss magazine!

Let's get to know each other better: leave your comments behind or just throw your hi right back at me ;-)
All photo's by Hanke Arkenbout


Get out the tiara! After my nomination in July for Drempelprijs Vormgeving 2012 @ Willem de Kooning Academy, I may now crown myself Fontanel Young Talent 2012!
I was chosen as one of 15 Young Talents out of thousands artist and designer graduates, for having the one of the most outstanding projects in the several graduation shows held in the Netherlands. How cool is that?!

My project 'Wat je eet, ben je zelf' is displayed on their website with a little interview (in dutch) about my project and graduation period. Read it here.


This summer I was asked by the community of Dordrecht to do some
(quick and easy but inspiring and fun!) workshops for children at
Kunstrondje Dordt and La Place d'Ary.

These are summer art festivals involving all kinds of arts, artists and artlovers. Every invited artist show a little of his own business and specialism. I did some workshops on textiles and textile painting, which was a special request. Didn't had a lot of time to make photographs, because it was pretty crowded, but here's a little impression!


I LOVE making invitations. For weddings, birthdays or party's - you name it!
This is a custom made invitation for a retirement celebration party. I always feel so much joy in designing and illustrating special invitations because they're so personal and special to the 'owners'.


In July I participated in an overview exhibition 'Graduation Festival' from Willem de Kooning Academy.
I almost forgot about this exhibition because I already graduated in january this year. But it was so much fun. I even got nominated for the 'Drempelprijs Awards 2012' in the design category. 'Drempelprijs' Award is an award for most promising and talented graduate in Design.

Because a graduated with honours, I also was invited to this special Graduation Diner at the exhibition where I presented my nominated works and met a lot of interesting people in the business. The pictures below give you an impression and a little overview of this exhibition!


Last weekend My nephew celebrated his 4th birthday! He is in his dinosaur-phase so I decided to make him a real, one-of-a-kind and tough dinosaur-shirt. Of course a Stegosaurus, cause he likes those the best. The t-shirt shows both front and back of the dinosaur. This was my first attempt on making a t-shirt myself and I'm quite pleased with it. Thinking about setting up a line and opening a shop! Oh... and I had a little help from my own super tough dinosaur ;-)



Last sunday I painted at Urban Explorers Festival as part of illustrators collective 'De Weerstand'. We performed the epic battle between red and blue and painted a 360 mural at Pictura Dordrecht (An ancient artist society with a great building). Here is a little overview of that day and how the painting evolved. Pictures by Ewout van Lambalgen, Frans van Lent and Ingrid Wuyster